From: James Porter <>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 01:51:48 -0400

I have the following question. This is a repost of what I sent directly to
Mark Kennedy who wrote the squid section of code I am concerned with. But
after a month I haven't heard a response on it. I'm basically needing to
get referrer and agent information to be present in the SQUID logs so that
I can do more accurate log analysis for where people are coming from.

Helpful information would be appreciated to the utmost.

Sorry to have to bother you again on this question and I really appreciated
your taking the time to answer originally. I'm finally in a position to
recompile and at the same time I was going to take squid 1.1.20 to 1.1.22
as I am not yet ready to upgrade that Server from FreeBSD 2.2.6 to FreeBSD
3.1R whic I believe I need to do to go to squid 2.

I have one question really. When I issue the following after an initial
make of squid which gets the work directory created. I then issue...

./configure --prefix=/squid --enable-useragent-log=yes
--enable-log-full-headers=yes --enable-dlmalloc=LIB

followed by

make install

But I get no real confirmation that this has taken hold other than in
config.status. In fact I insert something silly like
--enable-checkthis=yes and everythin still appears to compile without
warnings. Are the above
the "correct" compiler tags? Frankly, I'm just scared of crapping out the
smoothly running 1.1.20 but I need those agent and referrer data elements.
Plus I wasn't sure if 1.1.20 to 1.1.22 required me to purge the cache
directory or not.

>> Does anyone know of a way to get SQUID to record ELF style logs?
>> I specifically need to be able to record "http-referrer" information
>> so that I can run a www statistics package. But I can't seem to
>> pin down how to get SQUID to start saving that information.
>> Is it tied to any of the following? Or am I hoping in vane?
>> #emulate_httpd_log on
>> #log_mime_hdrs off
>> #useragent_log none
>if you compile squid with LOG_FULL_HEADERS defined (i'm assuming you're
>a programmer and know how to do this) and if you specify 'log_mime_hdrs on'
>in your squid config file, then two (fat) tokens will be appended to the
end of
>each record in your squid access log - one for the request headers and one
for the response
>headers. they are URL-encoded but ascii SPACE is left intact so you can
>read them. the tokens are delimited with '[' and ']' so you can easily
parse them.
>they certainly contain the 'referrer' field. if you're a perl programmer
too, you can
>easily use perl and the URI::Escape module to break out these tokens, convert
>them to their original form, and then do something with them.
>/mark kennedy (i wrote the log_mime_hdrs code)
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