Re: FTP problem with 2.1P2 and 2.2Sx

From: Dmitry E. Kiselyov <>
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 12:14:27 +0300 wrote:

> Using (fake for security issue)
> in browser to connect an "NT FTP server", I got the parent
> directory entry and no listing of files. (The server do have files in
> that account.) I try to reload the above URL several times, then
> I can see the file name listing one out of ten times. This situation
> will be worse when the system is getting heavy.
> IF I change the squid to 1.NOVM.22, I can always get the all
> information using the same URL. It is strange why the 2.1Patch2,
> 2.2Stable1, and 2.2Stable2 dont work.
> Is it something I need to setup in squid.conf? Or something related?

 I'm having the same problems under UnixWare 2.1.3 too. I reported this
situation to this mailing list some monthes ago but still got no
response. This is probably UnixWare related issue but it does not answer
the question why all versions of Squid-1 work fine and why Squid-2 ones

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