Re: no-delay for DIRECT(local) access.

From: David Luyer <>
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 15:37:30 +0800

> I've set up DELAY POOLS (Squid 2.2s2) but both accesses to
> cache peer(parent) and to my local site are limited by delay pools.
> How do I configure squid, so that every request to
> my local server won't be influenced by the delay pools ?
> i.e the delay pools will limit only those requests
> to neighbor (cache peer).

You don't. You use a good proxy-auto-config file for the clients. If
they go through the proxy for local accesses, they deserve what they get.

Well, that was my attitude when I first thought about it, and on all
subsequent times I thought about it. Local accesses should not go through
the proxy. Simple.

However, that said, you can use any fast ACL type for delay_access.
I assume this includes URL_REGEX, for example; I've never tried it. You
could put that on the delay_access line to exclude those requests from
delay pools.

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