Re: suggestions anyone? on Linux network setup

From: Tim Burgess <>
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 15:14:40 +1000

Here we have a P133, with 64MB ram and a 6GB SCSI HDD running FreeBSD. It
handles a network of over 100 computers, acts as a net address translator,
DNS server, squid cache, and numerous other facilities. A lot of web
browsing happens on the computers here, and we have a 10 megabit line to the

The server rarely encounters anywhere near its limits. It has, a 200MB swap
partition, but then it has a lot less ram than yours. It has a 4GB
webcache, which sounds like it will be less than yours so having a better
processsor and more RAM is an advantage for indexing i suppose.

Anyway, I think your server will cope.


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