Squid with two gateways

From: Henrique Pantarotto <scanner@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 15:22:25 -0300

Hello Squid Friends!

I'm a ISP and I have 2 class C address that belongs to two different
backbone providers.

Net A: (its gateway is
Net B: (its gateway is

We offer dialup access to two different kinds of users. One group gets a
Net A - 200.231.199.x address, and the other group gets a Net B -
200.224.215.x address.

Is it possible to set up one single LINUX/SQUID box with IP alias support
so it can handle proxy requests from 200.231.199.x (Net A) and
200.224.215.x (Net B) users? The requests must go throught each net's own

With IP aliases support, I can make Linux listen from boths networks, using
the IPs and, one for each network.

So, is it possible to:

- Use only one single Squid server
- Proxy requests from 200.231.199.x users through Squid at
and fetch web pages from gateway
- Proxy requests from 200.224.215.x users through Squid at
and fetch web pages from gateway
- Both proxies share the same dir_cache

This is difficult to explain. But if you think you know what I am trying
to accomplish, please help!! ;-)


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