Re: Squid with two gateways

From: Henrique Pantarotto <>
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 17:20:56 -0300

Hello Henrik!

Thanks for your reply!

>The answer would be "Yes, but not really". You will need more than one
>Squid process.

Good! More then one process is no problem!

>What you can do is to set up three Squids. One main Squid which
>maintains the cache, and two backend Squids which acts as application
>level routers to route the requests to the correct path. All three can
>be running on the same machine or on separate machines. Use
>cache_peer_access to limit each path to requests from the correct
>network, and tcp_outgoing_address to force the backend Squids to use the
>correct outgoing interface for their requests.

Wow.. too much data for me! I have to read the above a couple of times
very slowly.. ;-)

Thanks once again!

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