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From: Dancer <>
Date: Mon, 07 Jun 1999 11:38:28 +1000 wrote:
> I would just like to ask if how many HTTP request per sec
> squid proxy can handle ? The proxy is setup only in a
> Compaq machine running under Redhat 6.0 and squid version
> is squid-2.2.STABLE3.
> phoebe

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I distrust the motherboard architecture on compaqs. IN MY EXPERIENCE
(which is not necessarily equal to ANYONE ELSE'S EXPERIENCE) the answer
is 'not as many as other PC compatible hardware platforms'. I have found
this to be due to substandard CPUs, substandard (or nonexistant)
CPU-cache, and slow RAM. This is a couple years out of date, however,
and they may have changed their designs. The company I worked for
previously had a whole bunch of P200 Compaqs. We were able to exceed
their performance with P120 nameless brand hardware).
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Things to really look at involve memory, number of CPUs, CPU speed, type
and number of disks, and type and number of controllers.

Without bogging down, I've pushed 2.2.STABLE2 to 110 requests per second
under some hardware configurations...but we also run plenty of extra
support software (authentication, filtering, etc...which suck extensive
quantities of CPU time). Without those support programs, preliminary
findings indicate about 150/sec for our best hardware, and 60/sec for
our worst. (Our worst is still quite reasonable, however).

Without more details, comparisons are not meaningful.

Go visit and learn how to build the tool
and use it, and you can measure the performance fairly exactly on your
particular setup.

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