RE: sometimes sluggish performance

From: Gerben Welter <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 19:19:30 +0200

At 16:46 6/22/99 +0100, you wrote:
> How are you connected to the internet, including device
> drivers, hardware, etc.

Ok, here's a short summary:

Running Mandrake 6.0 currently with kernel 2.3.6 (but also tried with
Intel 486DX4-100 on an Intel MB with 256 kb cache (what's the cacheable
area anyway?)
52 MB memory with 64 MB swap (hardly used)
600 MB disk and 100 MB squid-cache on a second 250 MB disk (both ide)
connected to my isp with a Teles isdn card using my isp's proxy as a parent.
connected to rest of the lan (3 pc's running windoze) with a isa realtek
ne2000 nic
But only one PC s actively using the proxy.

Ethernet and internet performance are nominal, so there's no problem.

> You havne't got the traffic shaping features turned on
> by any chance? Is your parent doing traffic shaping?

Nope, no traffic shaping. As far as my isp goes. The proxy is running on
NetApp (?) 760 or something. Running NetCache 3.3.1D7
Using that proxy directly is no problem. There isn't any incompatibility
between those proxies, is there?

I do get the following messages in my cache.log:

1999/06/22 19:04:29| icpHandleIcpV3: Neighbor returned reqnum = 0
1999/06/22 19:04:29| icpHandleIcpV3: Disabling use of private keys

But that's the only message I get.

> This shows a very unloaded system, with a lot more file
> descriptors than it needs and a long way from reaching
> steady state memory usage.

The only thing this linux box does is the internet connectivity
(ip-masquerading) and Squid. So if i'm doing nothing else the load never
goes higher then 0.15 or so and the swap isn't used. This computer is
turned on and off everyday, because it's located in my bedroom. So I can't
keep it running at night. Well, not without loosing sleep, that is. :)

>> Notice in the Squid Resource Usage section that the 'Maximum Resident
>> Size'
>> equals 0. Does that mean that squid has no limitation in memory usage? Is
> I think that this is a statistic that is not available under
> Linux.

The FAQ alo mentions a ratio to be derived of 'Number of TCP connections'
and 'Page faults with physical i/o'. But I can only find the latter.

Earlier this day I even compiled with --enable-dlmalloc but that didn't
change a thing. I'm now downloading Squid 2.1-PATCH2. Let's see if that'll
run better....

Grtz Gerben.
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