RE: Referer logs, and a httpd logging bug?

From: Dave J Woolley <>
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 19:36:26 +0100

> From: Jonathan Roy []
> Yay, I have referer and user agent logging working. One of the real
> developers might want to clean it up a little. I added an
> emulate_extended_httpd_log option. It might make more sense to use
> emulate_httpd_log with an extended_logging on/off option, not sure. Where
> should I sent a patch to? This list?
        Please make sure that this is not on by default; it might
        also be worth adding a caveat to check on communications
        privacy legislation, as some interpretations of recent
        European directives would suggest that such data should not
        be collected by a service provider (generalising from telephony)
        unless strictly needed for operation and that any such data that
        is collected should be "de-personalised" at the earliest possible

        for the European position on this sort of information in voice
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