ACL problems

From: Levitz, Paul <>
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 12:53:31 -0700


I have a small cache going for a fairly small network (~140 machines) at an
elementary school. The cache has worked *wonders* at our site. However, I
have been having an ACL configuration problem, and have read the FAQ and
spent days searching for the answer. I hope this is not a 'repeated

I am using Squid 2.2.STABLE1 on Linux 2.2.xx

The following lines I added with no success. I am meaning for them to link
to a list of specific words to block in a URL. It's not important what the
blocked words are... I certainly don't mean for this to become any sort of
debate on morals and Internet use. :)

----begin squid.conf - added acl portion----


acl localnet src
http_access allow localnet

acl porn url_regex "/etc/squid/porn"
acl notporn url_regex "/etc/squid/notporn"
http_access allow notporn
http_access deny porn


----end squid.conf - added acl portion----

The files which the acl lines link to are standard text files (though I
didn't include any file extentions on them - namely .txt)

When the following lines are active squid works fine:

acl localnet src
http_access allow localnet

The last 4 lines of acl entries above I have disabled because when they are
enabled squid doesn't work at all. I have looked at many examples, and from
what I have seen my acl entries appear to be correct. Any suggestions?

My entire squid.conf file can be found at: case that helps. :)

Any assistance would be *much* appreciated.
Paul Levitz
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