Re: what is a range request?

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 1999 14:13:46 +0200

Evren Yurtesen wrote:

> my question is about range_offset_limit, BTW what is a range request?

It is a request to only get certain byte range(s) of the object.

> well anyway if I set to -1 squid is fetching it faster than the client
> can get right?

No, but if the clients asks for the last 100 bytes of a 2TB object, then
Squid will fetch all 2TB instead of only the last 100 bytes. This will
be done at full link speed until the data the client actually asked for
is reached.

> If I set it to 0 (the default) then the squid is fetching the object
> according to the clients bandwidth limit which is 56Kbit in this case
> even if it could fetch it faster right?

No. Se above.

> I could not understand what happens if I set for example 8 MB. What
> happens then?

Then Squid will fetch the whole object, unless the request starts more
than 8 MB into the object.

> is there any further documentation about this?

RFC 2616 defines range requests, and most other aspects of HTTP.

> Also in the squid.conf file it says;
> # TAG: range_offset_limit (bytes)
> but the default is defined by KB (is this mean I can define MB too?)

Yes. You can use any of the size qualifiers.

Henrik Nordstrom
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