RE: pam authentication

From: Suresh paripalli <>
Date: Sun, 03 Oct 1999 21:26:42 +0530

dear sir
I have configured squid cache on redhat 6.0 linux box with the help of
people like you i have written the neceesarry ipchains for the
transparency feature to work my transparenc feature is working I have
tested pam_auth using clear text username and password its working but
when i access through a browser a dialog bx appears asking for a user
name and password after entering the username and passord
it says proxy authentication failed. I know this does not work with the
transparen proxy iget this error even if i point my browser to use
proxy manually why is this happenning

i have made a file /etc/pam.d/squid

auth required /lib/security/
account required /lib/security/
password required /lib/security/
session required /lib/security/

is this a valid configuration

in the squid.conf file
acl all src
acl password proxy_auth REQUIRED
http_access allow password
http_access allow all

is this a valid access list
 please tell me why i get proxy authentication failed

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