current store swap size v's what is on my partition

From: Marc Lucke <>
Date: Tue, 05 Oct 1999 15:43:16 +1000

Quite a few times now I have found myself in a position where the
Current Store Swap Size reported & the total size of squid's cache
files differs wildly. This has happened when I have wound down the
maximum swap size (to reduce the load on my memory) & then restarted
Squid (but it hasn't happened every time).

For example, I did it this morning & there is about 1.7 gb of
information on my squid dedicated partition & the cachemgr cgi reports
that there is 657 kb.

How/why does Squid seem to forget about all these cache files? Is it
something I am doing wrong?

What is the best way (or is there a way) of finding all the cache
files that Squid no longer wants a bar of & trashing them to restore
the capacity of the partition?

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