Re: median service time

From: Alain Sabban <>
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 1999 06:12:21 +0100

At 16:35 05/10/99 PDT, T. Esting wrote:
> What does iostat -xnc look like? This should tell you if you're
>bottlenecked on disk or not. Although your DNS lookup times are relatively
>quick, I would still do a quick sanity check and ensure that a) nscd is
>turned off and b) you haven't hit the limit of your IP Cache size. I had a
>similar problem and got a tremendous boost from raising IP Cache to 4096
>(from the default of 1024) on a U5 with 512MB RAM.
Thanks for your answser.

I'll try iostat -xnc and let you know
a/ No nscd running and no named running in the squid machine
b/ How to know if i reached the IP Cache size ? and how to set the IP Cache
to 4096 ?

Alain Sabban
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