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From: Panagiotis Malakoudis <>
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 14:29:34 +0300


I'm trying to organise my acl's under Squid/2.2.STABLE5 and I'm expiriencing
the following problem.

I try to setup acl based on day-of-the-week and time-of-the-day basis like
the following.

# Days of the week restrictions
acl monday time M 08:00-16:00
acl tuesday time T 08:00-16:00
acl wednesday time W 08:00-16:00
acl thursday time H 08:00-16:00
acl friday time F 08:00-16:00
acl saturday time A 08:00-16:00
acl sunday time S 08:00-16:00

# Archive restrictions
acl archives urlpath_regex \.zip$ \.viv.* \.exe$ \.mp3$ \.rar$ \.ace$ \.asf$
\.avi$ \.mov$ \.mpg$
 \.mpeg$ \.flc$ \.au$ \.ra$ \.arj$ \.mid$

http_access deny archives monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday #
not saturday and sunday

The problem is that this configuration doesn't work but lets say that today
is Wednesday and I only put "http_access deny archives wednesday" then It
works !!!!!!

Since this works then also puting all the days of the week should work.
Please give me some help. It makes no sence...
Thank you.
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