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Editors often dictate what products should be included in a review; I
wouldn't conclude that a product's absense is indicative of anything other
than the editor's illiteracy.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

> Anyone want to guess at how Squid compares? Are we soooooo slow that even
> the co-developer of Squid didn't feel Squid would compare, or is this
> another "let's ignore the open source projects and only analyze the
> commercial ones"?
> "That?s why Data Comm com-missioned Polyteam, a group of researchers at
> Information Resource Cache (IRCache, Boulder, Colo.) to conduct
> performance tests on seven leading products. Polyteam?s expertise is
> well-established: The group?s principal investigator codeveloped Squid,
> the widely used open-source Web cache, and ICP (Internet cache protocol),
> a means of getting multiple caches to work together. Team members maintain
> and analyze caches on huge production networks. And in the last year,
> Polyteam has developed Web Polygraph, a tool for benchmarking cache
> performance."
> Like, how do I explain to the anti-open source advocates in our group the
> reasoning why a product like Squid, developed by the group that was
> commissioned to do the comparisons, wasn't included in the comparisons? :(
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> Subject: [UNIXS] Proy servers
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> Proxy caches slash access costs by keeping frequently requested
> content close at hand. But the sheer variety of products can make
> the purchase decision a tough call. That's why Data Comm got
> together with Polyteam, a group of researchers at Information
> Resource Cache, and subjected seven leading proxy cache
> products to a series of grueling performance tests. Several posted
> stellar results. But buyer beware: Some are also staggeringly
> complex and expensive.

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