Squid under FreeBSD 3.3-STABLE ...

From: Marc G. Fournier <marc.fournier@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 1999 15:04:53 -0300 (ADT)

I'm running it right now on a 3.3-STABLE machien with a 166Mhz CPU (there
are two inthe machine, but FreeBSD won't allow me to bring up the second
oen *sigh*)...the machine has 512MB of RAM and ~24Gig of Disk space...

The server is configured to use 128MB of RAM, and top is currently

39237 root 2 0 201M 200M poll 210:10 11.33% 11.33% squid

And swap space isn't even being touched:

demeter# pstat -s
Device 1K-blocks Used Avail Capacity Type
/dev/da0s1b 1053584 0 1053456 0% Interleaved
/dev/da1s1b 262144 0 262016 0% Interleaved
/dev/da2s1b 262144 0 262016 0% Interleaved
/dev/da3s1b 262144 0 262016 0% Interleaved
/dev/da4s1b 262144 0 262016 0% Interleaved
/dev/da5s1b 262144 0 262016 0% Interleaved
/dev/da6s1b 262144 0 262016 0% Interleaved
Total 2625552 0 2625552 0%

All in all, I'm impressed...we did >490k requests through that server
yesterday, after only ~7days since we brought it online, with 1800 hosts
using it, and an average of 36% hit rate...

Looking at the PolyGraph/BakeOff report, it has "FreeBSD Tweaks" in a
section to its own...except that it pertains to FreeBSD 2.2.8, so I'm
wondering both how much of it still applies as well as whether there is
anything new I should be looking at...

It lists:

1. Increase per process memory limits (already done)

2. Increase limit on mbuf clusters
        - netstat -m doesn't seem to indicate it being required, but it
          can't hurt
        - did it

3. Disabled TCP delayed acknowledgements (options TCP_ACK_HACK)...??
        - can't find a reference to this one...was it just a 2.2.8ism?
        - didn't do it

4. Decreased TCP's Maximum Segment Lifetime to three seconds
        - did it

5. Apply a patch to uipc_socket.c to do with "fixing TCP bugs with small
        - didn't do it

6. Increased system wide and per proces FD limits
        - did it

7. Increased ephemeral port range to 30,000 (net.inet.ip.portrange.last)
        - did it

8. Insrease the socket listen queue size (kern.somaxconn)
        - doesn't appear to exist anymore

9. Set resources limits in /etc/login.conf
        - did it

10. Disable unnecessary processes
        - didn't do this, since am using them

This document can be found at http://bakeoff.ircache.net ...

Comments/ideas on how to improve things?


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