RedHat 6.0/Alpha -> statHistBin error

From: Bas Rijniersce <>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 18:13:37 +0200


I recently installed a RedHat 6.0/Alpha system (Alpha XL 266) with all
RH updates and Linux 2.2.12. When I try to install Squid (RH RPM's,
source both DEVEL and STABLE) compilations all goed fine, but when I try
to start squid it aborts. In the logfile I find:

Oct 10 15:11:10 brijn squid[5550]: assertion failed: StatHist.c:91:
"statHistBin(H, max) == H->capacity - 1"

A search on DejaNews shows only three (!) references to statHistBin. In
the squid FAQ a similar problem (also statHistBin, other assertion) is
mentioned for HP-UX, with the description "Working on it" :)

So far I haven't found a Squid version that runs in my setup.. does
anybody know a solution?


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