which HTTP 1.1 features squid lacks ?

From: Charles Bruneteau <charles.bruneteau.sysicom@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 11:51:55 +0200


if squid 2.2 was announcing himself HTTP/1.1 to web servers, would it cause some
problems ? (other that just RFC compliance)

Actually i tried to modify the code of 2.2s5 to achieve this; it seems to work
well, that is it corrects the bug i have with Nestcape Entreprise Servers that
don't send cache-control headers when asked with HTTP/1.0. (This would be a
temporary solution, as i 'm waiting for Netscape answer...).


Charles Bruneteau
Received on Tue Oct 12 1999 - 04:09:17 MDT

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