Question on using Squid 2.2 on RedHat Linux 6.0

Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 10:59:26 +0800


I am a novice on using squid.

I have to set up a local proxy server inside an intranet within an
The server is a Pentinum 133 /RAM 64M /HD 2.1G machine. I used two
network cards eth0 and eth1. eth0 is assigned with IP and

eth1 with

eth0 is connected to the localnet and eth1 to the intranet parent proxy

I have configure the parameters in the file squid.conf as follows:
1) cache_peer upperhostname parent 8080 3130 proxy-only
2) cache_mem 40 MB
3) acl all src
4) acl localnet src
5) http_access allow localnet
6) http_access deny all

When I run squid, I can go out to the internet and can surf to different

homepages. But I cannot go further into the hyperlinks on some
homepages starting with Java. The error message for this is " the remote

host or network may be down".

Could anyone give me advice on solving this problem ?

Besides, does the above system require that DNS system be installed
before Squid can run well ?

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