From: Scott Harbin <scott_harbin@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 16:15:08 -0400


I need to find out exactly how to either use SMB_AUTH or NCSA_AUTH. The
exact formats of the files and everything. Currently I have this

authorization_program /usr/local/bin/smb_auth /proxy/users (IP's can be in
the users file but what about USERS)


authorization_program /usr/local/bin/ncsa_auth /proxy/ncsa (what format does
the "ncsa" file need to be in ?)

I need to be able to block certain USERS from surfing, and I want those
allowed users to be able to go to any computer on our LAN/WAN and be able to
get to the Internet. I can already block by IP address, but that only works
partially for what I need.

Thanks for anyone's help!

Scott Harbin, MCP
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