Corrupted cache

From: Phillip Morgan <>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 12:14:39 +1000

Hi squid guru's

I have a rather embarrassing problem. On my 8gig IDE drive when
formatted unled linux 2.0.36 df shows the total blocks as 7956k. So I
set my cache size for Squid 2.2.stable4 to 7950 16 256.

I set the high and low values to 97 and 98 respectively.

When the 8gig drive is full a maximum of 7548k blocks are used, but df
shows the disk as 100% full.

Unfortunaetly over 400 megs have gone to the great void, and squid never
reached 98%, resulting in an out of disk space error and squid started

At 03:30am after a long night being totally bleary eyed and falling
asleep at the console I did something really dumb! I deleted the squid
index files to quickly get back some space and keep squid running,
realising as soon as I did it that it was totally dumb, and began to
beat myself over the head with the biggest stick I could find at the

Of course, squid now has lost track all the objects in the cache (I only
just filled it up after ugrading from 2.0), and I'd really like to be
able to re-index the objects if at all possible. My telco charges like a
wounded bull, and the $$ difference between a full cache and a new cache
is enormous.

So, the question.. is it possible, and if so, how???

Also, the index files are no longer present in the squid directory. The
only file there now is swap.state. Where are the indexes now??

I am about to install stable5. Should I wait until I [hopefully] rebuild
the indexes??

Phillip Morgan
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