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From: Marc G. Fournier <>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 11:38:12 -0300 (ADT)

Just going through the Appendices, and am really curious about something.

Squid ran on a PII 333Mhz machine and does 96req/sec ($3960)

InfoLibria-L was a Cluster of *4* DynaCache IL-100-7 and did 1600req/sec

Now, if I had $202,880 to spend, and set up a cluster of 51 Squid servers,
I could conceivably see 4896req/sec (51*96req/sec) So, for the same
money, I'd be doing 3x better? :)

Or...if I setup ~17 Squid servers as above, I could get equivalent
performance, for ~1/3 the cost?

The question, in a roundabout way, is more or less: would 2xPII 333Mhz
Squid servers give me 2x96req/sec, etc?

Marc G. Fournier
Senior Systems Administrator Acadia University

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