multicast question

From: Bob Lissner <>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 11:13:33 -0700

i have read the faq. i don't see anything about streaming
live media.

i see that squid supports multicasting and mbone, but it
isn't encouraged.

is there anything in squid's future (or maybe it's there now
and i missed it) so that squid could do the equivalent of
multicasting even if multicasting isn't turned on all the
way to the source?

specifically: squid would see that two or more clients are
receiving the same stream and just cut off one of the
incoming streams. like multicasting, but without mbone.

we are a 2,000 (future) client isp, and all the clients are
connected by ethernet lan. we're not sure that there is any
limit to the number of T1s they can burn up if we don't
implement caching.

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