Re: WCCP and Squid

From: Lincoln Dale <>
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 20:27:16 +1000

At 11:24 19/10/99 +0200, Jan Haluza wrote:
>Set up Cisco router (enable wccp redirection) (IOS 12.0(6a))
>ip wccp enable
>ip wccp redirect-list 161
>interface ATM1/0.3 multipoint
> ip web-cache redirect

one small addition to your list ...

if you're running IOS 12.0(anything)T, or any future 12.1(anything)
mainline releases, the wccp command syntax has changed.

you would use:
   ip wccp version 1
   ip wccp web-cache redirect-list 161
   interface ATM1/0.3 multipoint
     ip wccp web-cache redirect out

these changes reflect the fact that:
  - IOS supports both WCCPv1 and WCCPv2
  - 'web-cache' is just one (static) service. there can be up
    to 100 'dynamic' services with WCCPv2.
  - redirection of interfaces is currently on 'outbound' interfaces;
    a future release of IOS may well enhance it to include 'input'

other than that, looks good.

>Redirected http packets are GRE encapsulated and type marked as protocol
>type 0x883e - such packets processed by the linux GRE driver will be
>dropped (because of the protocol type)
>Since encapsulated packets are IP packets, let the GRE driver rewrites
>packet protocol type specification
>(patch can be found here

as an alternative to that, Glenn has written a wccp-specific version of the
'gre' protocol handler. i'm sure he'll post a url ...



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