squid and wu-ftpd 2.6.0

From: Charles Bruneteau <charles.bruneteau.sysicom@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 15:40:33 +0200


Found in the advisory AUSCERT#29110 :

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The 2.6.0 version has been corrected to increase
    it's conformance to the RFC standards for FTP. However, as a result,
    some FTP clients which are not completely RFC compliant may cease to
    inter-operate correctly with wu-ftpd 2.6.0 servers.

    It is believed that the W3C libwww ftp implementation is
    non-conforming. This affects Lynx, CERN, Squid and Midnight Commander.
    The effects of a non-conforming client are a hanging transfer (usually
    when obtaining a directory listing).

    Squid, however, appears to recover and may hide the failure from the
    FTP user and the FTP site administrator; the Squid administrator may
    see a large number of errors in their logs.

Anybody have some informations on this ?


Charles Bruneteau
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