no local cache at all ?

From: Jurgen Philippaerts <>
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 01:02:11 +0200


i have a rather weird question :)

is it possible to have squid work, without storing any objects on it's
disk ?
just act as a proxy, but never store data local ?

the reason for doing this, is that we are moving our proxy to another
building, and i need to replace it with a temporary machine so our proxy
service doesn't disappear during this time. the temp machine is a
smaller box, with a small disk, smaller cpu, less memory.. etc...
on peak moments, it can have up to 2400 requests per minute. if this
box, should store data, and see if it's still valid, expire it, on just
a small disk, with a couple of hundred megs available for spool, it
would just thrash itself i think.

i have found directions to do something almost like this, with the
no_cache and always direct, but that was just for the "local domains" i
can't define all possible domains to tell squid not to cache them.

thanks in advance,
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