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Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 18:29:38 +0100

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> Hi,
> THanks for the response. I obviously have some learning to do, but my
> quesiton is to run squid as a transparent cache do I need a firewall?
> Cheers
> Matt

You need something which is going to intercept the outgoing packets
(which the client PC on your site believes it is sending to the off-
site WWW server) and send them on to your proxy (perhaps rewriting the
destination IP address).

This requires a box which sits between your internal clients and the
rest of the world. Whether you class this as a firewall is up to you
(in the sense that if it just diverts packets - is it really a fire-
wall). It is certainly the same sort of thing (matching packets by
rules and rewriting / rejecting them) as a firewall.

  - Bob

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