Re: Load balancing on Multiple squid cache

From: Steve Gailey <>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 13:00:55 +0100

Here are some options:

If you use AutoProxy, you could implement this in browser with a
CARP like algorithm. I have done this and it works well, but there
are issues with it.

If you have a tiered architecture you could implement the CARP or
round-robin at the lower tier (nearer the browser than the target.

Finally, the best approach would be do do it with Layer 7 switching
(from Alteon or ArrowPoint for instance).

It is probably better to use a CARP type switch rather than just a
Layer 4 switch as this should make your Squid more efficient for a
given size of cache.


> Hello friends
> We are launching filtered service and using squid 2.3 Stable 5
> with
> squidguard. I have to use squid as transparent proxy so I can block
> the URL through SquidGuard. How can I apply load balancing on multiple
> squid. How should I use the squid to divide equal load on multilple
> squids.
> Shahnawaz Ali
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