Transparent Proxy/Cisco Shiva/Telebit/Tribelink

From: Marc Lucke <>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 18:46:47 +1000

I have been directing all my traffic through my Linux Redhat 6 proxy
server & doing transparent proxy with ipchains quite successfully.

Today I decided to use our cisco for transparent proxy. None of our
dial-in customers on our Shiva access switch experience any problems
but all of our users on the Telebit ISDN router & the tribelink cannot
access web pages unless the specify our proxy server - yet they can
get to any web page on our local network. I have tried a lot of
things - it all seems very, very default to me but still will not

Does anyone have a clue why this might be happening?

NB all other traffic is A OK.

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