Re: Automatic Authentication with Internet Explorer?

From: Bartlomiej Solarz <>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 11:40:00 +0200

At 09:24 99-10-27 , you wrote:
>Unfortunately I cannot use identd because we use dhcp, and most of the PCs
>are used by several people (in shifts), and several users use different
>PCs every day, so there's no real relationship between an IP-address and a
>user. Further, company policy sort of makes installing things like ident
>on the PCs very difficult.


That's has nothing to do (DHCP)

I think any computer in your compary logon to network (for e.g. Mapping net
drives) in logon script you insert start (form the net) identd daemon (for

Ident daemon works and return LOGON name from the registry - squid ask
(when user try any URL) the computer from which was originated request
about user which get it.... (and thats all) you can make accounting on
several names (who get was) or some users cannot go outside (blocking on
some identd names) - i setup this on my net (250+ PC) (3500 users) so when
user don't login to the net (I use W'98) it block request....., when is no
identd runnig he ask a password (smb_auth)....

It truly works - try it...

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