authentication problem

From: Jürgen Sandner <>
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 12:30:55 +0200

Version: squid2.2STABLE4, squid2.3DEVEL3
We have an internal "intranet" connected to the internet through a firewall and
a netscape proxy-cache.
Internally we use squid proxies.mailing-lists.html
When I type in an internet-URI like, my squid
directs this request to
the firewall and the netscape proxy authenticates me against an ldap-directory.
So I have to type in my account and password.
So far so good.
Now squid caches the web-pages, i visited in the internet.
Then another person, from another client-computer, asks for the same page.
Squid gives him the page, as long as it considers the page as fresh. If it's
stale, or not cached at all, the request goes to the netscape proxy in the
firewall, and the person is asked for authentication.

The problem:
people without the right to fetch pages from the internet can view the pages,
that are in the cache.
I had something in mind, that squid shouldn't cache those pages, because they
should be considered as "private".

Again: Not my squid does the authentication, but his parent, which is a netscape

Can anybody help me?

Juergen Sandner
Received on Thu Oct 28 1999 - 04:53:38 MDT

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