RE: getting a complete site

From: Dave J Woolley <>
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 12:27:51 +0100

> From: The manager []
> I want to have a copy of a site already in cache except for the zip files
> etc. IE: I want to have Tucows in cache but not the downloadable type
> files
> so my users can have a faster access. Can squid do this? I have seen the
> feature in netscapes proxy......
        First get permission from the site that you intend to mirror.
        NB it is very unlikely that you will get permission if there is
        any banner advertising on the pages and very unlikely that such
        pages would be cacheable in a cache configured to conform to the
        HTTP protocol.

        If you get permission, use wget to do dummy fetches each night.

        In this particular case, a better approach is almost certainly
        to negotiate to become an official Tucows mirror.
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