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Date: Thu, 4 May 2000 08:47:29 +0100

Hello Mario,

I'm not sure whether squid has the possibilities to do a rewrite of urls, but
you should check out squidGuard ( which is a redirector for
squid. It has the capabilities to do a rewrite of urls (and many things more).

best regards

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Ahsan Khan wrote:
> You can Better do it By CNAM in DNS .:-))
> With Regards
> Ahsan Khan
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> Internet Division (OneNet)
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> Subject: Content parsing
> > I wanna write a module for squid that change links in html pages
> > (something like
> > parsing all html pages and replacing the link <A
> > HREF=> by
> > <A HREF=>) ;-)
> > I've been reading the Squid Programmers Guide (chapter 4: Flow of a
> > typical request)
> > but i get lost trying to follow the explanation in the code...
> > Any tips?
> > TIA

Perhaps I wasn't clear... I know my english is poor, so i'll try to
explain a little
I intend to use squid as a reverse proxy to access some web servers.
These web servers have pages with links to other sites, and i itend to
those links, all by means of squid.conf, for example:

# Link rewriting rules

and so on, the link rewriting should search for the pattern of the 1st
column and
replace it for the pattern on the second column, in all HTML pages.

Please let me know if i'm not clear.

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