Squid behind a Firewall with only internal DNS

From: Petry Roman, ITS-IT <Roman.Petry@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 4 May 2000 22:40:09 +0200

Sorry for my first empty mail and my poor english...


we just switched to an new ISP and changed our Squidconfiguration....We have
now a T1 connection to the net.I will draw a little bit...

client ---> squid1 internal --> Firewall --> squid2 DMZ --> Firewall -->
squid3 --> Internet

Squid 1 has only access to the internal only DNS
Squid 2 hast no access to DNS
Squid 3 has access to the whole Internet and all external DNS

Squid1 has squid2 and squid2 has squid 3 as his parent.

If i request the website www.yahoo.com, the following happens.

squid1 trys to do a nslookup for the domain www.yahoo.com , gets a timeout
and gives the request to squid2 , squid2 trys to do a nslookup, gets a
timeout, and gives it to squid3, squid3 can do a nslookup, and here we go...

Is there a way , to configure squid as follows...

Client request www.yahoo.com, squid 1 gives the request immediately to squid
2, he gives the request immediately to squid 3, and he get the request fast
and without a timeout from the net...

If i set the dnsserver in squid.conf to 0, I get and error in the cache.log
file and squid doesn´t start.

Thanks for your help...


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