Non ICP parent

From: Todor Tuparov <>
Date: Sat, 6 May 2000 11:09:32 +0300 (EET DST)

I have the following setup.
Local Squid Proxy has a parent another local squid proxy (both version
2.1) The second local squid proxy server has a parent which is not ICP
the options in squid.conf (of the second proxy) are:
cache_parent IPaddress parent 8080 0 no-query
the problem is when the third (main proxy) is down or unreachable.
In this situation there is no report of dead proxy and squid does not
use direct connection to the Net which is present and OK.

Let me simplify- How can squid detect dead parent proxy which is not
ICP(there is no ping or UDP)?

Received on Sat May 06 2000 - 02:12:30 MDT

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