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From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Sun, 7 May 2000 22:35:29 -0600

On Sun, 7 May 2000, Dmitry Melekhov wrote:

> Hello!
> I use squid 2.3stable 2 on FreeBSD 3.4.
> After start all is OK, but squid memory grows until
> squid size is about 80 megabytes, so there is about
> 80 megs in swap (computer has 80 megs of ram).
> System is on very heavy load- it do only swap :)
> Only way is to restart squid again and again.
> Is there any way to force squid not use more than 40 megs?

  8.9. What can I do to reduce Squid's memory usage?

  If your cache performance is suffering because of memory limitations,
  you might consider buying more memory. But if that is not an option,
  There are a number of things to try:

  o Try a ``different malloc library''.

  o Reduce the cache_mem parameter in the config file. This controls
     how many ``hot'' objects are kept in memory. Reducing this
     parameter will not significantly affect performance, but you may
     recieve some warnings in cache.log if your cache is busy.

  o Turn the memory_pools off in the config file. This causes Squid to
     give up unused memory by calling free() instead of holding on to
     the chunk for potential, future use.

  o Reduce the cache_swap parameter in your config file. This will
     reduce the number of objects Squid keeps. Your overall hit ratio
     may go down a little, but your cache will perform significantly

  o Reduce the maximum_object_size parameter (Squid-1.1 only). You
     won't be able to cache the larger objects, and your byte volume hit
     ratio may go down, but Squid will perform better overall.
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