ACLs again... -possible?

From: Csaba Koller <>
Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 17:42:49 +0200

Hi dear wisemen,

I have an ACL problem again.

The situation:

there are three ACL SRC groups: thegod, angel, human

there are two ACL DST groups: heaven, earth

thegod can http_access the heaven and the earth
angel can http_access only the heaven
human can http_access only the earth

How should i tell that in the squid.conf? :)

I have the folloving:

acl all src

acl god src
acl angel src
acl human src

(acl heaven dst
acl earth dst

http_access allow thegod
http_access deny !earth
http_access allow human
http_access deny all

But now angel can see the earth beacuse he is in
the human subnet.

Pls, help the angel to reach the heaven and to forget
the earth! :)

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