From: <>
Date: Fri, 12 May 2000 08:42:44 -0400

We are running SQUID 2.3 STABLE1. Everything works fine for us except AOL
Instant messenger (AIM).

From what I have read and understand, I have updated the ACL for SSL_ports in
the SQUID.CONF to accept ports 5190 & 403 (403 I have entered when I saw a DENY
in the ACCESS.LOG when trying to connect to AOL, 5190 because of the port
defined on the AIM client).

Initially I did not have the SSL_ports added and I would get an immediate error
at the client. Then I updated SQUID.CONF with the ports listed above and what I
get at this point at the client is CONNECTING and then eventually a time out. I
do not see any errors in the ACCESS.LOG.

AIM client confirguration has the option for connecting through a proxy and
using either SOCKS4, SOCKS4, or HTTPS. We do not have SOCKS support installed
nor are we able to add socks support. HTTPS connections through the proxy
(SQUID) appears to be something we should be able to do.

I have searched the FAQ's and the postings on the net, but I am stuck. This
tools importance to us is for communicating with deaf individuals.

Any direction or help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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