Re: Proxy Password Files

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Fri, 12 May 2000 20:55:21 +0200

Simon Bryan wrote:

> The error I getin the Cache log says 'Read Failure', I know it is not
> permissions as I have the same permissions etc as a file that is working. I
> think it is to do with the 'end of line'. What should be there in this file,
> CR+LF, CR, or LF?

The message is probably a indirect error causes by something else. Is
there any other interesting errors prior to this?

The format of the ncsa_auth password file is : separated with bare NL as


the [] denotes optional data

Quick and dirty perl script to encrypt a list of userids and passwords
separated with mostly any separator (. , : ; " <space> <tab> or any
combination thereof) and line format using bare LF or CRLF.

# Generate a initial salt with two uppercase letters
$salt=pack("cc",65+int rand(25),65+int rand(25));
while(<>) {
  # Split the line on mostly any separator
  shift @F if $F[0] eq "";
  # Encrypt the password (second field) using unix crypt()
  # Borrow two characters for the next salt
  # Print out the result
  print $F[0].":".$crypt.join(":",splice(@F,2))."\n";
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