Re: Running Squid as Daemon

From: Martin Brooks <>
Date: Sat, 13 May 2000 18:05:16 +0100

At 23:13 13/05/00 +0800, root wrote:
>I just install Squid on Red Hat 6.2 box (my first installation) and it
>is now working fine. My question is, can i run squid as daemon/service?

Squid, by default, does run as a daemon. The question you probably meant
to ask was "how do I start squid automatically when the machine boots?" and
the answer to this is in the FAQ. Please read it.

>By the way, can squid also run on Caldera Linux eDesktop 2.4

Why wouldn't it?

Martin A. Brooks
The package said Windows NT 4 or better - I installed Linux.
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