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From: Armistead, Jason <>
Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 22:43:51 -0400


Two squid processes means twice the resource demands of a single proxy
process. Two sets of redirectors / dns children (if applicable), two
processes scanning their connection list for active request, two processes
talking to the other peer process to find out if it has the object in its
disk store, two processes attempting to do disk I/O, two processes using a
fair amount of RAM with their own cached DNS lookup tables, cache object
tables, swap space requirements and so on.

Why do you REALLY want this configuration ? What are you hoping to achieve
instead of having one proxy process. You're probably going to see a slight
drop in performance because your CPU has to task switch between two fairly
active tasks and share I/O, memory, etc.

And, if the machine crashes, then both proxy tasks will be dead anyhow, so
no real redundancy is achieved. Better to have two separate machines and a
third IP address which can be shared / switched between the CPUs with some
clever, but fairly simply shell scripts, so that should one box fail, the
other detects this and acquires that IP address for itself until the failed
box restarts.

Most IE / Netscape clients can be configured to use an automatic proxy
configuration file to set up the proxy selection in Javascript, though many
people report that the results often tend to be flaky at best.


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okay, each squid daemon has their own port ... Say I have two
squid daemons, one waiting at port 80 and another at port 3128.
how do I do load-balancing for the two squid-daemons in that one
linuxbox? I want the users to access, for example,
and requests goes to and it gives it to squid at port
80 and the next request will be given to squid at port 3128 (round-


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Subject: Re: two squid daemons

> Hi,
> On Wed, 17 May 2000, Ronald Warner wrote:
> > Here's what I want to find out:
> >
> > can I have two squid daemons running on the same linux box
> > (rh6.2)?
> Yes - listening on differnet addresses and/or ports.
> >
> > if yes, can they share the same cache directory?
> No. What you can do however is make them sibling peers and not cache
> anything the other one has.
> Colin
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