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From: <hillel@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 16:45:07


Your program is great, I'm using webalizer-2.00-12 ,
however I have the following problems:

1)I just can't get the IP addresses to resolve to names and this to
be shown via the countries.

I've set ./configure --enable-dns
then make and make install
If I type:
webalizer -p -N 10 -D dns_cache.db /logs/access.log
where access.log is my squid log file,
I still don't see a dns_cache.db file being

However, if I set
DNSCache /logs/htdocs/dns_cache.db
DNSChildren 5

and run the above command I get:
Warning: Invalid keyword 'DNSCache' (webalizer.conf)
Warning: Invalid keyword 'DNSChildren' (webalizer.conf)

I've also set in /etc/webalizer.conf:
CountryGraph yes

2) When using the web interface I see only part of the URL eg and
The problem is that because it doesn't show the full URL, people are
asking if the caching is working. How do I get it to show the full

3) Why do I get cache_object://localhost/objects in my Top 10
if I've placed in /etc/webalizer.conf :

HideSite localhost

4) Why is the system not reporting the html pages besides default.asp
I need the system to show the entire URL for all the html pages

Any help appreciated
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