how to restrict upstream traffic with squid !

From: Prashant Desai <>
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 20:42:32 +0530

hello friends

 i am running squid 2.2 STABLE 4 on Redhat 6.1 .

   how can restrict upstream traffic with squid ? i know delay pool and shapecfg thing , in case if i restrict bandwidth
with shapecfg i can only restrict outgoing traffic on an interface . now , that is sub of HTTP requests made by
squid on behalf of it client and objects sent by squid from its cache to its client.

so in case if i want that squid should use only 256kbps of my total 512kbps link what should i do ?

i actually want to restrict upstream traffic only ,

Prashant Desai


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