Re: How to handle large object requests ?

From: Patrik Schindler <>
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 15:49:55 +0200

At 15:41 Uhr +0200 24.05.2000, Martin wrote:

Please delete unneccessary quote. Thank you.

>I refer to the parameter "reply_body_max_size" . Here you can set the maximum size
>of files downloaded through http, or is this not correct ?

The description in the config file says, that your suspiction is true:

# TAG: reply_body_max_size (KB)
# This option specifies the maximum size of a reply body. It
# can be used to prevent users from downloading very large files,
# such as MP3's and movies. The reply size is checked twice.
# First when we get the reply headers, we check the
# content-length value. If the content length value exists and
# is larger than this parameter, the request is denied and the
# user receives an error message that says "the request or reply
# is too large." If there is no content-length, and the reply
# size exceeds this limit, the client's connection is just closed
# and they will receive a partial reply.
# NOTE: downstream caches probably can not detect a partial reply
# if there is no content-length header, so they will cache
# partial responses and give them out as hits. You should NOT
# use this option if you have downstream caches.
# If you set this parameter to zero (the default), there will be
# no limit imposed.

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