Re: Is there a 'user' acl?

From: Matthew <>
Date: Fri, 26 May 2000 08:18:00 +0100 (BST)

in older versions of squid, yes, there is a user acl but i think its the
same as the current ident acl.
if your using multi-user OS workstations such as NT or Linux, then ident
is a very effective solution.

On Fri, 26 May 2000, Simon Bryan wrote:

> Hi,
> Sorry about the long post but wanted to include detail. I have looked at the
> FAQ and nlanr site, but can't see an answer (yes or no). But then I don't
> always know what I am looking for!
> I have proxy authentication working using the ncsa_auth module.
> I have six password files that users can update their passwords in using a
> cgi script based web page.
> Every 15 minutes cron cat's the files into the main one that is used by Squid.
> What I would liek to be able to do is to have an acl that looks up the current
> users name in one of those six files and allows access based on whether
> they are in it or not. Make sense?
> I tired
> acl Year11 prox_auth "/etc/squid/etc/proxypwd.yr11"
> http_access deny Webmail !Webmailclients !Year11
> Squid accepted this when reconfigured (webmail clients is a src acl), but
> whether the user was in the proxypwd.yr11 file or not the Password dialog
> box continues to come up (3 times and then it tells me about having to be
> authenticated).
> I also tried the 'user' acl but Squid complained that this was an invalid acl
> type when I reconfigured.
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> Simon Bryan
> Information Technology Manager
> OLMC Parramatta
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