RE: Cache peer doensn't work!

From: R.Ilker Gokhan <>
Date: Fri, 26 May 2000 11:53:49 +0300

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>Subject: Cache peer doensn't work!
>In 2.2-stable5 I use "cache peer" to set parent proxy,it works

>perfect.But when I upgrade to 2.3-stable3,it
>doesn't work anymore.In cache.log,I can see squid has set the
>parent proxy.
>Is there any sytanx different between 2.2-s5 and 2.3-s3?

No there isn't.
From Duane:
Changes to Squid-2.3.STABLE3 (May 15, 2000):

        - Fixed malloc linking problems on Solaris. The configure
          script incorrectly set options for dlmalloc.
        - Added a configure check to remove compiler optimization
          for GCC 2.95.x.
        - Updated MSNT authenticator module.
        - Updated Estonian error pages.
        - Updated Japanese error pages.
        - Fixed expires bug in httpReplyHdrCacheInit. It was
          incorrectly setting expires based on max-age. It was using
          the current time as a basis, instead of the response date.
        - Fixed "USE_DNSSERVER" typos.
        - Added a workaround for getpwnam() problems on Solaris.
          getpwnam() could fail if there are fewer than 256 FDs
          available. This causes root to own some disk files.
        - Added an 'offline_toggle' option via the cache manager.
        - Added a 'minimum_object_size' option. Files smaller than
          this size are not stored.
        - Added 'passive_ftp' option to disable passive FTP transfers.
        - Added 'wccp_version' option because some Cisco IOS versions
          require WCCP version 3.
        - The 'client' program in ping mode (-g) now prints transfer
        - Fixed logging of proxy auth username for redirected
        - Fixed bogus Age values for IMS requests.
        - Fixed persistent connection timeout for client-side
          connections. It was hard-coded to 15 seconds, now uses
          the 'pconn_timeout' value.
        - Fixed up httpAcceptDefer. It wasn't being used properly
          and caused high CPU usage when Squid gets close to the FD
        - Numerous delay_pools fixes and checks.
        - Fixed SNMP coredumps from running snmpwalk.
        - Added a check for errno == EPIPE in icmp.c when pinger uses
          a Unix socket instead of a UDP socket.
        - Fixed ACL checklist memory initialization bugs.
        - Cleaned up the MIB file. Replaced contact information and
          checked description fields.
        - Removed LRU reference_age hard-coded upper limit.
        - Fixed async I/O FD leak.
        - Made getMyHostname() more robust.
        - Fixed domain list matching bug. "" wasn't properly
          compared to "" and confused splay tree ordering.
        - Added a check for whitespace in hostnames and optionally
          strip whitespace if 'uri_whitespace' setting allows.
        - Added status code and checking to ASN/whois queries.

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