Squid problem on Freebsd 4.0

From: Stefan Sundberg <Stefan.J.Sundberg@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 26 May 2000 13:11:39 +0200


There is a problem using squid2.3_stable2 on
Freebsd4.0.When i try to connect to the squid
proxy (with a web-browser) I get the following
error messages:

- Abort Trap - Core dumped

and in /var/log/messages:

- Not currently OK to rewrite swap log
- StoreDirWriteCleanLogs Aborted

Why does squid behave like this on Freebsd4.0?
I use the same version of squid on Freebsd2.2.8
without any problems, but I cannot increase the
TCP Window size on this version (or can I?).

Can anyone help with this problem?


Stefan Sundberg
Received on Fri May 26 2000 - 05:15:09 MDT

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