Re: Dynamic server distributed on static servers (with Squid?)

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 14:40:09 +0200

Sounds like plain HTTP acceleration.

Note: URL rewriting to "nice" form is not strictly required, but it will
help downstream caching (proxies & browser caches) and thus improve the
overall percieved performance.

Henrik Nordstrom
Squid hacker wrote:
> Hello everyone -
> We are trying to distribute a "semi-dynamic" website (we use JSP pages w/
> a MySQL DB, and our content doesn't change very often) across a pool of
> "semi-static" servers.
> We want to distribute the content across a bank of static, redundant,
> "front-end" servers, which essentially act as "active" mirrors of what is
> on the dynamic server.
> On each user request, the request will get distributed to one of the
> redundant "front-end" machines.
> This machine will serve its copy of what it thinks is currently on the
> server.
> To make sure the "front-end"'s content is fresh, the "front-end" machine
> could either: query the main "dynamic" server on each client request to
> make sure it still has a fresh copy (compare timestamps)... or it could
> time-out its own copy every half hour or so.  If it gets a request it
> doesn't have content for, it can get it from the central server.
> BTW... we are rewriting all our URLS to be in "static" servable form:  all
> URLs ending in either .htm / .gif / etc.   In reality the dynamic server
> will dynamically be serving these requests.
> For example   /foo/bar.jsp?one=15&two=25
> could be rewritten:  /foo/bar/15-25.htm
> or something like that.
> Is this a good idea?  Should we just be distributing JSP across dynamic
> servers via some expensive Enterprise servers?
> Are there any relevant info. sources on this somewhere on the net?
> What should be run on those "front-end" machines?  Can this be done with
> Apache, or will we need Squid?  Or something else?
> Thank you-
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