Re: [SQU] Squid on Mandrake 7.0

From: Kim Schulz <>
Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2000 14:22:16 +0100

Devin Teske wrote:
> I am having a difficult time setting up squid on my Mandrake Linux machine.
> I configured, compiled, and installed squid many times but it doesn't seem
> to launch right. squid came pre-installed with Linux Mandrake. I so need it
> to work.
> What happens is I launch it but after I launch it, it quits. I don't know
> what is going wrong.
> If anybody could help me out, I would be eternally greatful. (if worse comes
> to worse, I would be happy to give you telnet access to see if you you could
> configure it remotely for me.
> I repeat, I need squid up and running very fast. I also need it very, very
> much. My reputation depends on it.

Have you checked of there is enough free space on the disk for the cache
and logs? try to look in the squid.log and /var/log/messages for info on
why it stops.

Kim Schulz

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